At Pugme Pet World you can find every kind of service for your pet.

Some of the many pet services available are –

Pet sitting – Find the ideal pet sitter to take care of your animal friend while you are away.

House sitting – By letting your pet stay in their own house while you are away, you can lessen their worry. Get the appropriate house sitter to take care of your house and your pet while you are away.

Grooming – Who among us doesn’t enjoy being pampered and groomed? Grooming is crucial for your dog’s health, cleanliness, look and wellbeing

Walkers – Even though it may not always be possible due to a busy schedule, taking your dog for a walk is always important. You can locate reliable neighbourhood dog walkers who can take your dog for a walk whenever you like, with Pugme World.

Training – Pet trainers who practise positive reinforcement employ verbal cues like hand gestures, food, clickers, toys, and even games to assist alter behaviour, break undesirable patterns, and even teach tricks.
These kinds of trainers exclusively praise good behaviour and ignore undesirable behaviour, only using positive reinforcement.

Transport service – We can take your pets to and from veterinarian appointments, grooming appointments, a pet sitter’s home and return, or any other location. There’s no need to go with them, but you can come along as well. 

Washing – Have a pet washer come to you or visit one in many of our local stores wher they supply this service

Day care – Bring your pet along for an hour or the whole day, its up to you. Choose from any of our Pet Day Care Providers

Vacation stays – If your off on holidays and you would like to send your pet off for a holiday as well, then just choose any of our pet vacation stay providers

Product home deliveries – Most of our stores on Pugme World provide home delivery for your pet food, products and more

And much more on the way.



Just go to our interactive “map locations page”, and find the service that’s right for you and your pet.