Pugme Pet World in the Metaverse – Art Galleries, Pugme Pod and Featured Suppliers Gallery

Pugme Pet World is moving into the metaverse. The first step in adding the metaverse to our online presence is to open the Pugme World Metaverse Pod and NFT art galleries

Everyone is welcome to come into the Pugme metaverse and have a look around

Just follow this link into the Pugme metaverse to enter – https://oncyber.io/pugme-pod

Other Pugme Pet World Metaverse Portal Addresses are –




The link above will take you to the Pugme metaverse pod, this is our place for you to relax before exploring our other areas

Once in the pod just move through the portals that you will find there, and visit our other places and galleries

Our next step is to extend the Pugme World Metaverse beyond this, with portal access to the Wider Pugme World Metaverse where you will be able to access Exclusive pet shows or events, meet with other pet world visitors and our top featured suppliers.

You will be able to browse our top suppliers and go to their websites from the Pugme metaverse and in the future you will buy products and services directly while shopping in the Pugme Pet World metaverse.

You will even meet with online veterinarians virtually, who can inspect your pet by video link, give consultations, fill prescriptions for any medicines needed and get them direct delivered to your home.

So for now, come along and explore the metaverse, enjoy everything we have to offer and in the future you can bring your pet avatar along as well.

Were just getting started and look forward to meeting you and your pets in the Pugme World Metaverse, soon.