The Pugme token is the native token of the pugme network and lives on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB). 

The token is listed on and available from Pancakeswap. 

The Pugme Token Address is –  0xDE3Ab7Aa2964fa7E2e45321Dc0EE613e854623fC – Binance Scan Blockchain Explorer

Pugme is proud to announce that we are now in the process of applying for listing on – Coinmarketcap! 

Request number is – (655145)




Note : Pugme Token launch is conducted as a Fair Launch with no presale discounts. All tokens are launched at the same price with no airdrops or early buyers discounts, so everyone has an equal and fair opportunity to buy.There were no discounted tokens in circulation before launch,so no one could dump their tokens for profit taking. 


The token launch will take place on Pancakeswap and the token will be launched on the Binance smart chain.The pugme token will be the native currency of the pug me platform and the Pugme metaverse.

The purpose of the pugme token is for it to be used across the Pugme World platform and Metaverse by both suppliers and end consumers to pay for goods or services. The Pugme token is used as the preferred payment method within the Pugme ecosystem. Other cryptocurrency and traditional payment methods are also accepted but when using the pugme token you will be eligible to receive further discounts on purchases and receive additional rewards. 


In Total there will be — 100,000,000,000 Pug me Tokens Maximum Supply

Listing Price is — U.S $0.0000015

Marketcap of U.S $150,000

Binance smart chain token listing on the Pancakeswap Exchange

Note : Tokens allocated to the the pugme team, advisors and the exchange liquidity are locked on trustswap. 


The Pug me NFTs are limited to a maximum supply of 1000 pug me nfts

Sales and re-sales of the Pug me NFTs are via the Opensea website.

Owners of a Pugme NFT will have exclusive indisputable ownership of a beautiful piece of pug art, verified on the blockchain.

Pug me NFT owners will have voting rights to help determine the future of the NFT project

All accepted pet product and service suppliers will have the opportunity to run their own pet business in Pugme World via the website and metaverse storefronts. Store owners or service suppliers who also own a Pugme NFT will be eligible to be a featured supplier and to receive a discount on their yearly supplier subscription fees. This gives much greater exposure within the ecosystem to suppliers who own a Pugme NFT. In addition, the greater the rarity of the Pugme NFT purchased, the higher the featured listing discount will be. Suppliers who do not own a Pugme NFT can still be featured by paying the full yearly subscription fee. Standard listing for suppliers is free but they do not receive any added benefits or discounts.

All Nft owners, whether they are suppliers or retail consumers, will be eligible to receive discounts on any of the services or products supplied  within the Pugme World ecosystem, giving extra real added value to Pugme NFT ownership.

All Pugme NFT holders will also be eligible to gain exclusive access to shows and social activities held by or associated with Pugme and our Business Partners.

More NFT ownership benefits and utility will be added over time.