Pugme Pet World

The Pugme token is the native token of the pugme network and lives on the Binance Smart Chain

Pugme is bringing the pet world from web2 into web3

The Pugme token and nft’s have real utility across the network, providing value to both suppliers and customers

Pugme is utilising blockchain technology to develop the Pugme Ledger where all things pet related are stored and free to access by pet-lovers worldwide. Such as breeders with certified practices and ethical standards, pet life history, veterinarian visits and vaccinations, bloodlines and family history, social pet groups and organisations, charities, owners, accredited suppliers, Pet NFT wallet addresses, accreditations like pet show performance or racing history plus much, much more.

The Pugme metaverse is a place where suppliers and consumers can interact or as the perfect place for petlovers to get together for social gatherings, networking and live pet events.

The pet market worldwide is worth hundreds of Billions of dollars annually and Pugme is positioned to be the market leader.

The Pugme token is available on pancakeswap –


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