The Pug Pack — in search of Pug-Varna in the new Pugme World

There are 1000 pugs looking for their new home, living on the Eth network and are available on Opensea.

Each member of the Pug Pack can be a part of the community, supplying services to visitors or building their own online businesses to service all the real world pugs and all of their pet friends from their stores in Pugme World. Services supplied by the pug pack will include — Online real world and metaverse services, such as — Vets for all animals, Pet stores, Pet sitting and walking services, Pet training schools, Pet boarding and re-homing centres, pet hospitals, pet insurance services and much much more.

There of course will be social activities and groups for all to enjoy and network from.

Pugs are a super friendly bunch and Pugme World will be open to day visitors who can join all the fun with the Pug Pack.

Check out all about The Pug Pack and the opportunities at our website listed below. We’ll see you in Pugme World soon!

Website —

Opensea Listing —

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