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Apr 10

Today you can find local pet providers while searching the largest pet marketplace in the world today, using their interactive map

They have currently over 40,000 pet stores and pet service suppliers to choose from,with plans to add an additional 10,000 in the coming months by expanding into new markets.

Everything that you need for your pet is in the one place, including — online & local pet stores, online or local vets, dog walkers, pet groomers, pet sitters, pet hotels, day care services, house sitters, pet transport, dog trainers, food and much more.

The most interesting news coming from Pugme Pet World is their actions to move into the Web3 space, embracing blockchain, nft and metaverse technologies.

They are moving steadily from a web 2 based pet store and services website, into much more technologies focused platform.

Their Pugme NFT’s are already available at the Pugme channel on Opensea. Their idea is to not only sell nfts, but offer nfts that have real world use cases within the Pugme ecosystem. Some of the noted use cases of the nfts are — Nft owners who are suppliers to the platform,receive discounts on advertising and listing fees,while also gaining featured supplier status and therefore have the opportunity to gain more exposure with customers from within the Pugme Metaverse. Alternatively consumers who own a Pugme Nft will always be elligible to recieve discounts and access promotions and evens that are limited to Nft holders. You can find more about the Pugme Nft utility at their website.

Pugme is also entering into the Metaverse with 4 different metaverse areas (& more planned) available through the oncyber platform. When you enter the platform you can be represented as an avatar and be able to walk through the various areas. They currently have the Pugme Pod ,which is an area devoted to be a space for catching up with fellow pugme pet world metaverse users and a launchpad through the portals found there, which transport you to other Pugme areas. At the moment there are the Pod, 2 x art galleries and the Featured suppliers pavillion. At the moment in the art galleries, you can catch up with other pet lovers and view some of the Pugme Nfts available on Opensea, from where you can go to purchase any that you may like.

When Visiting the featured suppliers pavillion you can view a limited range of pugme pet world suppliers. At the moment you can view their profile picture and follow the link to their website to interact with them and make purchases. In the future the featured suppliers stores and services will be available from within the Pugme metaverse. Here you will be greeted by your chosen pet suppliers store assistant avatar and will be able to enter their virtual store to review their products, interact with the owners, get advice and make purchases. Much the same as you would when visiting any store or pet service supplier in the real world, as you do now.

The great advantage in the metaverse when compared to web2 is, you will be able to visit many of the featured suppliers and talk to them directly and get to know them in their virtual stores/spaces. View products virtually from all angles and interact with the pet service provider, just as if you were there with them in person.

You will be able to visit and interact with, pet store owners to view and purchase products, veterinarians for virtual consultations, dog walkers, pet sitters, check pet hotels and so much more, all much more quickly, and efficiently than you can now. You will be able to do whatever you need in minutes rather than hours, all from your mobile phone, home or wherever you are in the world. Virtual products and services can be delivered instantly and physical products can be sent to you directly by courier. Service providers that you meet virtually with in the pugme metaverse, like dog walkers etc, can be interviewed and your chosen supplier can deliver the pet services in person to you at an arranged time.

As a final note, Pugme has a token on the Binance smart chain which is the utility token of the Pugme ecosystem. Currently the token can be purchased on Pancakeswap and can be found on the BSC Scan Block Explorer. By using the native Pugme token within the ecosystem,users will be entitled to discounts and other benefits that are not available to fiat currency users.

To wrap it up then — Pugme Pet World gives you the opportunity to fulfil all you pets needs, whether it be online via the website in web2, in person at the suppliers store or to receive services supplied at your place, or from within the Web3 Pugme metaverse.


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