Pugme Pet World

Pugme is the one-stop shop for all things Pet related, worldwide.
Pugme is bringing the multi billion-dollar pet services and suppliers sector to web 3.
There are currently over 40,000 pet service related suppliers on the pugme geo-location website with more being added daily.
The Pugme Token is the utility token of the Pugme ecosystem. Payments across the platforms by both suppliers and consumers, can be made in the Pugme token as well as fiat currency.
The Pugme Suppliers who own a Pugme Nft, are more highly rated on the pugme platforms and they are eligible to have their listings promoted on the website and in the Pugme Pet World Metaverse, as well as receive discounts on their promoted listing fees. Consumers who own a Pugme NFT are eligible to receive discounts on purchases from all participating suppliers as well as other benefits.
The Pugme Nfts also provide real world utility by giving both suppliers and consumers access to exclusive activities, promotions, pet shows, events, and much more.
The Pugme Blockchain Register brings everything pet-related into one place. The ledger is open for all to access. It will contain information about ethically sourced suppliers and their supply chains, pet breeding history, pet health and vet records, pet show performances, ownership, and more.
The Pugme Metaverse brings a new level of interaction between suppliers and consumers. It is a place for pet lovers to socialise and meet up, where suppliers can display and sell their goods or services and meet with customers, view the pugme nft galleries, view and participate in live events and more.
More Metaverse utility is to be added as demanded by suppliers and consumers as adoption grows.

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